Recent Fleetio Go Updates (Nov 1 - Dec 31, 2021)

A short wrap-up of the latest Fleetio Go app updates on iOS and Android.

Maintenance Shop Integration

  • Redesigned Shop Directory details (iOS)
  • Minor Shop Directory update and improvement (Android)
  • Interstate Truck Centers in the Shop Directory List (iOS & Android)

Work Orders

  • Work Order list no longer displays duplicates when filtering for assigned Work Orders (iOS)
  • Resolved crash users encountered when clocking out of a Work Order (Android)
  • Service Tasks displayed prominently on incomplete Work Orders to prevent duplicates (iOS & Android)

Service Reminders

  • Updated Service Reminder list (IOS)
  • Minor Service Reminder time interval update (Android)
  • Added robust Service Reminder details (iOS & Android)
  • Added Snooze and Watch options to Service Reminders (iOS & Android)
  • Service Reminder Forecasting (iOS & Android)


  • Resolved issue where users could not check out equipment (iOS)
  • "Resolve" option for Equipment Issues now visible (Android)

Parts & Inventory

  • Resolved issue so users can now manually input quantity on Parts Form (iOS & Android)

Other Improvements

  • Fixed bug where scanning new Vehicle barcodes redirected users incorrectly to the new Equipment barcode workflow (iOS)
  • Fixed navigation and tab bar issues on iOS 15 (iOS)
  • Fixed display issue that hid the "submit" button on Inspections (iOS)
  • Users no longer encounter a blank screen when attempting to create a new Service Entry (Android)
  • Due date and due status consistent across Fleetio Go and Fleetio Web App (iOS & Android)