Recent Fleetio Go Updates (Jan 1 - Mar 28, 2021)

A short wrap-up of the latest Fleetio Go app updates on iOS and Android.

Maintenance Shop Integration

  • Identify out of network shops in Shop Directory with the added "Out of Network" label (iOS & Android)
  • Request help with a shop via the added "Report a Problem" button on the Shop Detail screen (Android)

Service Reminders

  • Add more detail with Secondary Meter fields now included on Service Reminder forms (iOS)
  • Complete Service Reminders Forms in less time with pre-filled "Due Soon" settings based on user Interval Settings (Android)

Work Orders

  • Upload images to Work Orders from the Work Order overview screen (iOS)

Parts & Inventory

  • Add parts to Work Orders from the Inventory Adjustment page with the new "Add to Work Order" option (iOS & Android)

Other Improvements

  • Select dates quickly while inputting data into Fleetio Go with the refreshed date selector (iOS)
  • Fleetio Go's supported operating system updated to iOS 13 (iOS)
  • Quickly authenticate Inspections with a marked signature box (Android)
  • Input voided meters via the "Save" button on the Update Meter Form or the "Done" button via the keyboard (Android)