iOS 12 Support Phased Out

Fleetio Go's minimum supported operating system has been updated to iOS 13. This update first announced in December 2021 paves the way for improved functionality and performance across iOS devices.

We recommend that all devices currently using iOS 12 (or earlier) update their operating system to ≥ iOS 13 to continue accessing the latest supported version of Fleetio Go.

Using Go with an Unsupported iOS 

Existing Go versions installed on unsupported iOS versions will continue to operate, however, if the app is removed, it will not be available for download until ≥ iOS 13 is installed. 

It's also important to note that Go versions installed on unsupported iOS versions will lose feature parity and functionality as future Go versions are released. 

Devices Unable Download Supported iOS

iOS users with devices unable to update to ≥ iOS 13 need to upgrade to a supported device to download and use the latest supported Go version of Fleetio Go.  

Check out the Help Center to learn more about Fleetio system requirements >