New ways to manage GPS devices in Fleetio

GPS devices can enhance the data in your account, providing more frequent meter readings, location alerts that could signal potential fuel theft, and automatic issue creation from faults and DTCs.

However, devices must be connected to vehicles in Fleetio to get the benefit. Over the past month, we've released several improvements to make it easier to maintain the devices you have mapped in your account, such as:

  1. New role permissions for Regular Users to map and un-map devices. This is disabled by default but can be enabled in Role Settings.
  2. Map/un-map devices when adding or editing a vehicle record. You can also now map or un-map a device from the integrations section of the Vehicle Overview.
  3. New weekly digest email that will summarize your device health and telematics usage in Fleetio. Enable this email in your notification settings (currently for Geotab customers only).
  4. A new circle icon is now displayed on the More Actions menu of the Vehicle and Faults lists if you have unmapped devices that require your attention.