Maintenance Shop Integration Tune Ups

Improved handling of Service Entry Mappings

Today, we’re bringing to you a pair of updates on the Service Entry form in the Maintenance Shop Integration that relate to how Service Codes and Service Tasks are linked. The first is an update on how you can save mappings globally for service entries, and the second is how to map service codes to service entries using the edit form. So let’s dive in: 

We’re making it easier for you to map your unmapped Service Codes to Service Tasks within Service Entries. You can now link any unmapped service tasks to service codes and even apply the changes globally to map all past and future instances of an unmapped Service Code to a specific Service Task, all with a click of a button. 

Alternatively, you can link service codes to service tasks in the Service Tasks edit form, where you can apply changes to all past entries and update across all tasks. Furthermore, all new Service Entries will contain the same mapping for Service Code to Service task from here on out.

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