Recent Fleetio Go Updates (Sept 1 - Oct 4, 2021)

Catch up on the latest iOS and Android Fleetio Go updates.

Maintenance Shop Integration

  • See a badge on shops that have processed 2 or more transactions through Fleetio's Maintenance Shop Integration (iOS)
  • See network status description for shops in your Shop Directory (iOS)
  • Rate and review national providers in your Shop Directory (iOS)
  • Quickly access instructions for using the Shop Integration from a new shortcut on your Home Screen (iOS) 


  • Starting Inspections is one step faster using Recent Inspections on your Home Screen. Tapping an Inspection from recents now takes you straight to the first inspection item (Android)
  • Improved error messaging when Inspection cannot be submitted (iOS)


Parts & Inventory

  • Scan Parts (UPC codes or Fleetio QR codes) from the Scan shortcut on your Home Screen (iOS)
  • Scanning Part QR codes now opens to the specific part location encoded in the QR code (iOS)
  • Filter your Parts list by inventory availability and sort list by number, category, or recency (iOS)

Other Improvements

  • See the last known location of your Vehicles (iOS)
  • Group select lists are now filtered to show only the Groups that the user has record set access to edit (iOS)
  • Expanded the touch target on Meter Entries making it easier to enter a meter, especially for users on tablets (Android)
  • Users in only one account will not see the option to switch accounts in Settings (Android)