Revvo Connected Tire Integration

Revvo Technologies monitors the condition of every tire in your fleet, providing real-time status reports, alerts and predictive analytics.

Fleetio's new integration with Revvo allows mutual customers to automatically generate Issue Records in Fleetio when Revvo identifies a problem or potential problem with a tire, such as low pressure. Users can then begin maintenance processes in Fleetio without any manual data entry. 

Learn more in the App Directory >

Introducing Fleetio's EFS Integration

Get fuel transactions from EFS-branded fuel cards automatically imported into Fleetio. To get started, you only need an EFS-issued login.

Once connected, you'll see fuel transactions populate in Fleetio within minutes of the fuel purchase, allowing for up-to-date total cost of ownership data and faster fuel exception reporting.

The EFS integration is available for Pro and Advanced plans and there's no fee to enable it.

Follow the setup steps in the Help Center to get started.

Curious about our other integrations? Browse our full integrations directory.

Identify New Items in Fleetio

We are constantly adding enhancements to improve your Fleetio experience. To ensure that new items are easy to discover, we’ve added a pink visual indicator to highlight them. 

Look for pink dots and “New” callouts in the web app, highlighting new columns added throughout Fleetio, and newly added personalization options on your Vehicle pages.

SAML SSO Enforcement Now Available 🔓

You now have the option to enforce Security Assertion Markup Language Single Sign-On (SAML SSO) across your Fleetio account. 

Enforcing SAML SSO will allow you to control all user access to your Fleetio account through your organization's SAML SSO provider. Once set up, users will no longer be able to access Fleetio via their account username/password or Google SSO. Instead, they will be forced to log in using their SAML SSO identification.

Learn More About Enforcing SAML SSO

We recommend that you read this Help Center article to ensure that you’re ready to enforce SAML SSO across your account. The resource includes detailed setup instructions, including specific steps for Okta and Azure. 

Looking to Implement SAML SSO?

Reach out to your Fleetio Customer Success Manager at to enable SAML authentication on your account.

Vehicle Overview Personalization

We've expanded Vehicle Overview tab personalization in beta, allowing users to add, remove, and sort tabs based on their needs. Tab personalizations are saved at a user level and visible across all vehicles.

Opt-in to the Vehicle Overview Beta

The Vehicle Overview beta continues to be available to all users via an opt-in on all Vehicle pages. A full release to all accounts is scheduled for May 10th.

We appreciate all the feedback we've received and encourage all users to opt-in to the improved Vehicle Overview page and provide feedback. 

Learn more about personalizing your Vehicle Overview page in Help Center >

New Vehicle Page Available

We're excited to announce that the new Vehicle page (beta) is live! Try it today to begin: 

  1. Tracking key vehicle metrics like Cost of Ownership via new widgets
  2. Pulling forward key data with customizable menu tabs
  3. Grouping, sorting, and searching for vehicles with custom labels 
  4. Making inline edits to ALL Vehicle Details

Follow these instructions to opt-in to the new design:

Go to Vehicles > Select a Vehicle > Click the "Try-it now" button.

Note: The new Vehicle page design will be the default experience for all users from April 28th, 2022.

Learn more about the New Vehicle page in the Help Center >

Manage Key Assignments and Access With the Keycafe Integration

Keycafe is a key management system designed for fleet vehicle access control.  Using their modular electronic locker system, managers can grant or revoke key access at any time and get updates when keys are late or not picked up on time.

With this new integration, when an operator is assigned a vehicle in Fleetio, key permissions can automatically create in Keycafe and access instructions are sent to the driver.

Because a webhook is needed for setup, this integration is only available to those with a Fleetio Advanced Plan.

Interested in a smart solution to key management? Read more about the Keycafe integration. ->

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