Manage the Notifications You Receive In Fleetio

Fleetio’s new Notification Settings page simplifies your record watching and notification control. 

Are you overwhelmed by notifications? 

Stop email and push notifications with a click of a button. This gives you an uninterrupted opportunity to restructure your notification settings.

Have you lost track of the records you’re watching? 

See records you're watching and click “Manage” to be taken to that filtered list on the record page. 

Do you need to keep track of a group or team? 

Opt-in to automatically watch existing and new records that are created in specific groups and ensure nothing slips through the cracks again.

Learn more about the new Notification Settings page in Help Center >

Maintenance Shop Integration Tune Ups

Set maximum authorization limit for your users

Giving members of your team unrestricted access to approve maintenance can seem a little scary, that’s why we’re giving you the ability to set a maximum authorization limit for team members — no more sleepless nights worrying that something will get approved that you can’t afford! 

Read more in the Help Center ->

Sort shop directory

Find shops with ease based on their distance or rating!  Now you can sort the Shop Directory based on what is most relevant to you. 

Read more in the Navigate the shop directory page Help Center ->

Create and Manage Vehicle Assignments With the Enhanced Assignments Page

This release expands the Vehicle Assignments page with a new view and more intuitive assignment management.

Choose from viewing the calendar by day, week, or now month to get a holistic view of all current and upcoming assignments.

We also reduced the number of clicks it takes to remove an assignment. It's now a quick action, as well as prominently displayed when you select a current assignment.

Lastly, when you select an assignment, a new side menu has replaced the classic pop-up screen, making it easier to stay focused on schedules and manage multiple assignments.

Maintenance Shop Integration Tune-Up

With this week's releases, we're continuing to make great strides in our Maintenance Shop integration.

Detailed Shop Instructions on Fleetio Go (Android Only)

Now drivers can select vehicles from the instructions screen, which includes the VIN and current meter, so drivers can feel more prepared when dropping off or picking up vehicles. The instructions for shop employees who might be unfamiliar with Fleetio were also revamped to speed up the transaction process.

Currently, this is only available for Android devices, but iOS devices will get a similar update soon.

Learn more about shop instructions and ID cards in the Help Center ->

Categorized Shop Directory List in Fleetio Web and Fleetio Go

The Shop Directory is a vital tool for anyone looking to find the right shop. The Shop Directory will now display Mobile Service Providers at the top of the directory, followed by Maintenance Providers.

Read more in the Help Center ->

Recent Fleetio Go Updates (Jan 1 - Mar 28, 2021)

A short wrap-up of the latest Fleetio Go app updates on iOS and Android.

Maintenance Shop Integration

  • Identify out of network shops in Shop Directory with the added "Out of Network" label (iOS & Android)
  • Request help with a shop via the added "Report a Problem" button on the Shop Detail screen (Android)

Service Reminders

  • Add more detail with Secondary Meter fields now included on Service Reminder forms (iOS)
  • Complete Service Reminders Forms in less time with pre-filled "Due Soon" settings based on user Interval Settings (Android)

Work Orders

  • Upload images to Work Orders from the Work Order overview screen (iOS)

Parts & Inventory

  • Add parts to Work Orders from the Inventory Adjustment page with the new "Add to Work Order" option (iOS & Android)

Other Improvements

  • Select dates quickly while inputting data into Fleetio Go with the refreshed date selector (iOS)
  • Fleetio Go's supported operating system updated to iOS 13 (iOS)
  • Quickly authenticate Inspections with a marked signature box (Android)
  • Input voided meters via the "Save" button on the Update Meter Form or the "Done" button via the keyboard (Android)

iOS 12 Support Phased Out

Fleetio Go's minimum supported operating system has been updated to iOS 13. This update first announced in December 2021 paves the way for improved functionality and performance across iOS devices.

We recommend that all devices currently using iOS 12 (or earlier) update their operating system to ≥ iOS 13 to continue accessing the latest supported version of Fleetio Go.

Using Go with an Unsupported iOS 

Existing Go versions installed on unsupported iOS versions will continue to operate, however, if the app is removed, it will not be available for download until ≥ iOS 13 is installed. 

It's also important to note that Go versions installed on unsupported iOS versions will lose feature parity and functionality as future Go versions are released. 

Devices Unable Download Supported iOS

iOS users with devices unable to update to ≥ iOS 13 need to upgrade to a supported device to download and use the latest supported Go version of Fleetio Go.  

Check out the Help Center to learn more about Fleetio system requirements >

Additional Export Options for Indexes

We're introducing two new export options that will reduce CSV formatting and provide more consistency in our exporting processes.

Export visible columns

This new option will export only the visible columns in the index, so the CSV will match what you see in Fleetio.

Export all columns

This works traditionally like the legacy export, but it may include a few columns that were previously not available.

We also worked on introducing consistency among column headers and labeling exported data a little clearer.

While these options are initially only available for the Fuel History index, we plan on rolling out these new export options to every index in the near future. Once that happens, the legacy export option will be retired.

Maintenance Shop Integration Tune Up

We're starting the week with a couple of notable releases for the Maintenance Shop Integration (MSI).

Configure permissions for Regular Users to access the Shop Integration Overview

We added a Shop Integration section to Roles, where you can manage which portions of the overview you want a user to see. This could be helpful if your accounting team is in Fleetio and needs access to statements.

Learn more about user permissions in the Help Center ->

Save your billing application progress

If you start filling out an MSI application and leave to complete another action in Fleetio, you won't lose your application progress. Curious about the application process or how to start using MSI? 

Read more in the Help Center ->

Purchase Order Tune Up

After looking under the hood and checking a few things, we made some improvements to Purchase Orders.

With this update, you can:

  • Add multiple line items before choosing a part. Select the wrong part? Replace it with the right one without having to delete anything and add a new line item.
  • Create a copy of a Purchase Order. This will open a draft copy so you can edit smaller details, such as quantity, without having to create a whole new PO with the same vendor and location information.
  • View Purchase Order information at-a-glance. We refreshed the PO screen and separated the PO details from line items.

Pro tip: Hover over a line item to view its summary. For parts, that includes total quantity and manufacturer.

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