Revvo Connected Tire Integration

Revvo Technologies monitors the condition of every tire in your fleet, providing real-time status reports, alerts and predictive analytics.

Fleetio's new integration with Revvo allows mutual customers to automatically generate Issue Records in Fleetio when Revvo identifies a problem or potential problem with a tire, such as low pressure. Users can then begin maintenance processes in Fleetio without any manual data entry. 

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Account Date Format Customization

Date pickers across all Fleetio forms will now reflect the date format selected at the account level. This change is designed to provide consistency and reduce data entry errors.

Select your account's date format in Regional Settings, under General Settings.

VIN Decoder Enhanced

You now control the data attributes added to a new or existing Vehicle Record in Fleetio when you decode a VIN. The updated decoder allows you to:

  1. Preview new vehicle data attributes found
  2. Compare it to current vehicle record data
  3. Choose to add or omit specific decoded data attributes to the record

Previously, decoding a VIN would automatically overwrite existing vehicle data with the latest information available. 

Learn more about VIN decoding in Help Center >

Fleetio Go App Updates (June - July, 2022)


This latest batch of Fleetio Go releases focus on redesigned menus, more accessible support, and better Home screen scanning.

iOS Go Home Screen: 

  • We helped the shortcuts on the Home screen to stand out a little more and grouped the Browse menu into sections, making it easier to distinguish parts of the app.

Android Data Entry:

  • You can now assign a new barcode to equipment or vehicles when you use the scanner on the Home screen
  • Decimal points can now be used when adding meter entries to a vehicle.

Android & iOS Shop Integration Support:

  • The Support Helpline is now available on the Fleetio Go Shop Instructions screen to help provide fast assistance to drivers when putting a vehicle in for maintenance.

Bug Fixes

With your help, we were able to identify and resolve the following Fleetio Go bugs quickly: 

  • [Android] We’ve resolved the issue causing Fleetio Go to close when navigating from the Home screen to the Nearby Shops screen. We've also stopped devices opening the Fleetio Go app without prompt.
  • [iOS] Some users noticed that offline inspections weren't resyncing correctly. We’ve fixed that so that they no longer linger in processing.
  • [Android] The Work Order list will no longer display duplicate Work Orders when you apply the “Mine” filter.
  • [iOS] We fixed an issue where the Home screen barcode scanner failed so that you can now scan barcodes to access a vehicle or piece of equipment.

If you ever encounter something that needs fixing, let us know by email at  

Get OEM-recommended service schedules for all vehicles

Fleet Managers know that implementing a preventative maintenance program can be challenging and time-consuming, especially when your fleet consists of various makes, models, and types. Following OEM recommendations for servicing is also a requirement for many OEMs to honor their warranty commitments.  

With Fleetio's updated service schedules, you can apply OEM recommended service schedules to your heavy and medium duty vehicles with a North American VIN. Previously this was limited to light-duty vehicles.  

We help you eliminate the guesswork by bringing in the OEM's recommended schedules across your entire fleet, and now you can do this for medium and heavy-duty vehicles too.

Learn more in Help Center >

Introducing Fleetio's EFS Integration

Get fuel transactions from EFS-branded fuel cards automatically imported into Fleetio. To get started, you only need an EFS-issued login.

Once connected, you'll see fuel transactions populate in Fleetio within minutes of the fuel purchase, allowing for up-to-date total cost of ownership data and faster fuel exception reporting.

The EFS integration is available for Pro and Advanced plans and there's no fee to enable it.

Follow the setup steps in the Help Center to get started.

Curious about our other integrations? Browse our full integrations directory.

Fleetio Go App Updates (April - May, 2022)

We constantly update Fleetio Go to ensure your fleet runs smoothly. Here are the recent Fleetio Go app updates released to Fleetio GO on iOS and Android devices.


Issues Management - Recent improvements include editable odometer readings, obvious comments, and updated time input when creating or editing issues.

Push Notifications - We're continuing to invest in Fleetio push notifications to ensure teams stay updated. Recent releases for Android and iOS have improved notification frequency, and iOS 4.7.1 expanded Notification Settings descriptions to ensure that users understand the push notification options. 

Additions to Make Your Life (and Work) Easier

In recent releases, we've added automation, prompts, and new functionality to make Fleetio Go more intuitive. 

  • New Vehicles forms auto-filled with default information when appropriate [Android]
  • Ability to upload Equipment thumbnail photos on the Equipment edit page [iOS]
  • Red asterisks denote required vehicle fields [iOS]
  • Inspections updated to ensure that users add their signature [iOS]

Bug Fixes

With your help, we were able to identify and resolve the following Fleetio Go bugs quickly: 

  • [Android] Some users noticed the app would crash when trying to open a push notification or adding parts to a Work Order before a service task. We fixed the underlying causes.
  • [iOS] One minute, users would be scrolling on the Parts list, the next, they'd be taken back to the Part location detail screen. We get that if you choose to go to another screen in the app, you probably want to stay there, so we fixed it.
  • [Android] We fixed an issue where sometimes updating the vehicle status on an Android device would result in the vehicle's custom field data disappearing.
  • [iOS] Scanning some NFC tags brought up the right asset, but without much functionality. It's back to working as intended now. Scan away!

If you ever encounter something that needs fixing, let us know by email at

Service Reminder Compliance Report Update

Get the most out of your reporting

We've made updates to the Service Reminder Compliance Report. This report provides you with the ability to track and visualize preventative maintenance compliance across your fleet. 

The report currently shows the percentage of "on-time" Service Reminders throughout time and can be filtered and grouped by Vehicle, Vehicle Group, and Service Task. With this new update, we’re introducing the “smart” Estimated Meter. Previously, Service Entries with voided meter readings did not accurately calculate Service Reminder Compliance. With Estimated Meters, the closest valid meter reading is used, which results in better compliance reporting.

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