Service Tasks Updated

Service Tasks have been updated to increase performance and ease of use. 

We have streamlined Merge Service Tasks functionality and improved Service Task visibility through a new Service Task Show Panel and added Usage Columns. As a result of this upgrade, you can now:

  • Quickly and easily merge Service Tasks
  • View a selected Service Task without navigating away from the Service Task page list
  • Use Service Task Usage Columns to identify all places Tasks are used

New Service Task Show Panel

Added Service Task Usage Columns

Learn more about Service Tasks in the Help Center >

Fuel Entry Update

The Fuel Entry view has been updated to increase performance and improve the user experience. The updated Fuel Entry page highlights:

  • Current usage vs. average vehicle stats and trends
  • Fuel Entry location on a map
  • Alerts and informational callouts including capacity, location, partial fuel-ups, and entries marked “Personal”

Learn more about Fuel Entries in Help Center >

Service Reminders Updated

Service Reminders have been migrated to the updated Fleetio Notification System. This release delivers improved customization, system performance, and updated column options and filtering on the Service Reminder page. Users also have the ability to:

  • View Service Reminders with forecasting ON or OFF
  • Group by Vehicle, Week, or Month with Forecasting ON
  • Quickly preview a Reminder in Service Reminders without clicking through to it

Learn more about Service Reminders in Help Center >

New Work Order Form Available

We’ve listened to your feedback and created a New Work Order Form that increases efficiency and provides more flexibility. Switching to the New Work Order Form today will allow you to:

  • Quickly search and add in existing Service Tasks types
  • Use "Save & add another" buttons to speed up Part and Labor entries
  • Change a Line Item's Service Task type without losing added Parts and Labor
  • Add unlinked Parts and Labor

Watch the video below for a tour of the added functionality.  

Making the Switch Is Easy

  1. Open Fleetio Web-app > Service > Work Orders
  2. Click on the "Try it out" button at the top of the page.

Meter History Updated

The Meter History module in Fleetio has been revamped as a part of ongoing updates. This enhancement delivers improved customization, system performance, and updated column options and filtering on the Meter History page.

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