Print Blank Inspection Forms to PDF

You can now print blank Inspection Forms. The following features are included on each form:

- Inspection Items

- Guidance for each Inspection Item

- Required Inspection Items marked*

Note: You're also able to print available older versions of each Inspection Form. Older versions will be identified on the printout.

Try It Out: 

1. Go to Inspections > Forms

2. Select relevant Form

3. Select "Print" from the dropdown menu

Fuel History Updated

We have refreshed Fuel History in Fleetio. This enhancement delivers improved customization and system performance, updated column options and filtering, and the ability to group Fuel Entries by vehicle, day, week, or month (shown below). 

Improved Billing View Now Available

We’re excited to announce that we've made enhancements to how you view your billing with Fleetio! 

Invoices have replaced Statements and Transactions as the main document to view/understand recurring billing charges. Invoices now allows you to view your recurring charges in email and downloadable documents. You can still view and act upon any previously generated invoices or statements.

These improvements make it much easier to read and understand why a particular amount is being billed, including any one-time charges and/or prorated upgrades (if applicable).

View Vehicle's Last Known Location in Fleetio Go

You can now view a vehicle's Last Known Location in the Fleetio Go app. This update allows users to see the most recent vehicle location and the source of the location entry if known.

Try It Out

Open Fleetio Go > Click on Asset > Click on “Last Known Location”

Note: Users must have View Location Entry permission to see this option in the mobile app.

Enhancements to Contact Management

With the help of your feedback, we've improved the way that Contacts are managed in Fleetio. Enhancements include:

  • Streamlined Contact Management
  • Greater User Status Control
  • Simplified Contact Setup 

In the video below, I walk you through the exciting changes.

You can learn more about Contacts in this Help Center article

Recent Fleetio Go Updates (Sept 1 - Oct 4, 2021)

Catch up on the latest iOS and Android Fleetio Go updates.

Maintenance Shop Integration

  • See a badge on shops that have processed 2 or more transactions through Fleetio's Maintenance Shop Integration (iOS)
  • See network status description for shops in your Shop Directory (iOS)
  • Rate and review national providers in your Shop Directory (iOS)
  • Quickly access instructions for using the Shop Integration from a new shortcut on your Home Screen (iOS) 


  • Starting Inspections is one step faster using Recent Inspections on your Home Screen. Tapping an Inspection from recents now takes you straight to the first inspection item (Android)
  • Improved error messaging when Inspection cannot be submitted (iOS)


Parts & Inventory

  • Scan Parts (UPC codes or Fleetio QR codes) from the Scan shortcut on your Home Screen (iOS)
  • Scanning Part QR codes now opens to the specific part location encoded in the QR code (iOS)
  • Filter your Parts list by inventory availability and sort list by number, category, or recency (iOS)

Other Improvements

  • See the last known location of your Vehicles (iOS)
  • Group select lists are now filtered to show only the Groups that the user has record set access to edit (iOS)
  • Expanded the touch target on Meter Entries making it easier to enter a meter, especially for users on tablets (Android)
  • Users in only one account will not see the option to switch accounts in Settings (Android)

Scan Part QR/UPC Codes from Go Home Screen

The existing Scan shortcut on the Fleetio Go home screen has been updated so you can quickly manage your Part Inventory. Just scan a Part Label and jump right in to audit Inventory Count, adjust Quantity, or add the part to a Work Order. 

This update means that you’re now able to access ANY Fleetio record by scanning the related barcode or label from your home screen.

Learn more in the Help Center >

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