Enhanced Recall Notifications

Recall Notifications have been migrated to the updated Fleetio Notification System. This update will help you keep better track of your vehicle recalls.

You can now opt-in/out to receive the following Recall Notifications:

  1. Fleetio Go Push Notifications sent to your device.
  2. Email Notifications - updated to include the Manufacturer Campaign Number and Issue Date.

A recall notification will also always be shown in your Notification Center. Learn more about Recalls in the Fleetio Help Center.

Push Notifications for Service & Renewal Reminders

Service & Renewal Reminders have been updated to enable push notifications to Fleetio Go and via your account Notification Center 🔔

Customize your push notification settings to ensure all team members know whenever a relevant Reminder is Created, Due soon, Overdue, or had a Comment added. Notifications can be customized through the web app or Fleetio Go.

Download the latest version of Fleetio Go (v4.3.3) to set up push notifications and manage related settings.

Open Fleetio Go > Profile > Notifications 

New Pending Purchase Order Quantity!

We have added Pending Purchase Order Qty as a new field on a Part's profile page.

This allows you to quickly see how many Parts are on a Purchase Order that haven't yet been received. You can click the quantity to view the Purchase Orders that the Part is associated with. 

This helps reduce duplicate Purchase Orders and provides you with better visibility into your parts and inventory.

Viewing Part Quantities and Values

When viewing your Parts, you'll notice data that highlights Part Values and Quantities (Out of Stock and Low Stock). When you click on these quantities, your view will automatically be filtered.

Maintenance Shop Reviews

Leave and view feedback on Maintenance Shops with Shop Reviews! With Shop Reviews, you can view detailed feedback from other fleets to help drive your decision making on shop selection. Part of this feedback is a 1-5 star rating, details on experience, and whether the fleet used the Maintenance Shop Integration to streamline their maintenance operations. This is available on the web app and on Fleetio Go (iOS and Android)!

SCIM Support for Record Sets

Manage Record Sets with SCIM! (System for Cross-domain Identity Management) Record Sets can now be configured with SCIM! Easily manage which record collections a user can access from your SCIM.

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